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Get a view of your approved requisitions at one place. Track each requisition based on the smart predictions which will help you know your target offers as against actual offers, efforts required and the actual efforts taken. Knowing the exact data would surely help you to direct your requisition to a smooth closure. Yes, we say Requisitions! Ultimately all our efforts would be to close a requisition, as it would mean we have hired the right candidates.


Got a call to create a new requisition and you aren’t at your desk? OR you are at a client location and urgently need to create a requisition? You can create a requisition right from where you are! You just have to send an email mentioning the available details, which will be added to the application for your team or you to work on.


Add a JD to the requisition and our skill parser would thoroughly read the JD. It would not just read and identify the skills but will also add them to your required skills list automatically. Saving your efforts, time and reducing errors.


When your recruiters know the right questions, only the right candidate moves ahead in your process. These questions can come right from your organization, business units or for the particular requisition. Defining them at the requisition level will allow only the right candidates to be moved ahead.


Getting approval nods can be a pain with approvers often not available. Not any more…
Your approvers do not need to log into the system to approve requisitions. They can approve requisitions over an email.

Auto update jobs on your careers page

Integrate your careers page seamlessly and the approved jobs will be updated automatically on your careers page.

Publish jobs on social media with one click

Social media sure does help reaching a wider audience and expand your reach. Publish your jobs on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter with just one click. Profiles coming from social media will be accordingly marked from which social site they came in from.

Broadcast jobs to vendors

Vendors form an important part of your sourcing team. You can choose your vendors for a particular job from your list of vendors. Broadcast jobs to them with a click. The vendors receive notification with details about the job. The submitting vendor’s name will be marked in the each of the profile sourced by the vendor.

Email BOTs will help your employees easily refer

Employee referrals are the first source of reliable candidates that can be sourced in. Your employees, at any point of time, know the open jobs and refer through a smart link via Email BOTs. Every profile sourced in will bear the referring employee name.

Smart job links for your ads on CV portals

Posting jobs on CV portals? We bet, it couldn’t be more simpler. Just copy the link and paste it in your advertisement. The profiles sourced in through these smart links will be marked automatically from where they came in from.

Decision support to source candidates from portals like LinkedIn, Naukri

Why clog your database with profiles and later screen, reject each of them. With MyNextHire, make smarter decisions right when you are sourcing, based on concrete information when sourcing from portals like LinkedIn, Naukri. Source in only the best fits based on a comparison embedded right on the profile.

Email/Bulk Upload (with Resume Parsing)

Have profiles in your email inbox or on your machine? All you need to do is forward the emails or bulk upload the profiles on your machine and they would be sourced against the desired requisition. What about parsing? Leave the worry of parsing them to us. The profiles will be parsed automatically and presented with a skill % match.

Auto search profiles using free google search engine

Would like to auto search profiles on your favourite portal? Yes we help with this too. The free google search engine auto searches the desired portals for the required skills and presents you with the matching profiles narrowing down your searches.

Smart and Secure interface for Staffing Partners

Your staffing partners can submit profiles right from the smart link in the email notification they receive about an open job, without any logins or exposing your jobs list which you would not want them to view. Each profile submitted is stringently checked for duplicity and accordingly accepted or rejected. The staffing partners know if a profile is accepted and if rejected, why was it rejected.

Auto acknowledgement

Your staffing partners, referring employees, applicants receive auto acknowledgement, on submitting profiles, with details about the submissions.

Every application is scanned and skill-matched to all open jobs

When an application is sourced in be assured that application is technically sound to match your job requirement. Every application is thoroughly scanned and parsed for skills and comes with a skill % match to support your decision making on the application.

Define a productive workflow that suits you

Every organisation follows a workflow suiting them the best. We would follow your workflow not the other way round. Customize the workflow steps to compliment your processes.

Share internal diary notes that also act as smart reminders

Capture your diary notes about applicant engagements, ToDo reminders, risks, problems at one place and get reminders for your ToDos.

Automatically build a fully searchable cv database

Build your own database without any extra effort. When you source in a profile to a requisition, the system automatically saves it to your database too. You would not need to depend on the portals for the same profile again. Searching your database would bring back the profile for your consideration.

Sentiment analysis of applicant emails

Understand your candidates’ sentiments through the emails you receive from them. The positive and negative emotions will be displayed graphically helping you further to hire a candidate with the right attitude.

Use your favorite calendars to schedule interviews

Scheduling interviews can be a pain. Managing interviewer’s time, applicant time can be tricky. Create interview drafts and schedule them using your favorite calendar; Google, Ical or Outlook knowing the availability of interviewers and applicants. Carry out re-scheduling and cancellations from the calendar. All the updates will be automatically updated in the system.

Make use of Video Interviewing and Recording features

Conduct video interviews with the interview link pre-filled to video interview. Few of the important questions may get a skip when providing a feedback of the interviewed candidate. The video recordings of the interview will help you to arrive at the decision. Access the recordings from the system to view it at any time.

Let the system chase interviewers for feedback

Chasing interviewers for feedback sure consumes lot of energy and efforts. Our system chases your interviewers for feedback, reminding them to provide feedback and allowing you to focus on essential things.

Conduct online assessments

Conduct online assessments with unique test paper for each of the assessee. Configure your test papers or choose from the available list.

Mobile ready feedback forms for interviewers

Give your interviewers no opportunity to miss out on providing feedback. They can provide their feedback right from their mobiles with our mobile ready feedback forms.

Carefully crafted offers tracker so you never lose a candidate

Offered candidates are the most valuable candidates is what we say. These are the ones you have invested time and efforts on. Tracking your valuable candidates from the offers tracker will help from losing the offered candidates with our follow up notes for your help.

Generate template based offer letters

Save you offer letter templates and generate offer letters at a click with the candidate and job information. You can customize the template with configurable offer fields for information that need to be altered for that candidate/job. Helping save time and reduce errors.

Collect documents from applicants

Collect all applicant documents from the system and save them in the system for any further process. Secure access maintains confidentiality about the candidate.

Prescriptive Analytics – Bottleneck and Performance Reports

Know your process bottleneck through our prescriptive analytics and data-based analytics. Giving you the exact step that needs your attention. Know efficiency insights through performance report of your team, sourcing methods, interviewers.

Predictive Analytics – Machine learning based Requisition Classifications

Want to know in depth about positions? Our Predictive Analysis based on requisition classification will tell you which requisitions need attention and effort, also which ones are going smooth and fine.

Descriptive Analytics – the trackers you always need

Get detailed analytics on requisitions, offers, applications, evaluations, selections and exits. View them for a business unit/client, calendar period, location, budget and more. All these collectively will give you an insight into your jobs, applicants, interviews, assessments, offers.